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FAQ - Centennial Place Apartments in Austin, TX

What leasing options are available?

​We currently offer leases in 6-12 month options.

What are your application requirements?

​We require a household income of at least 3x the rent amount. We also conduct a credit, criminal, and rent background check

Is there an application fee?

​Yes, our application fee is $50 for every person applying, over the age of 18.

Can I apply online?

Yes! You can apply online at centennialplaceapts.com

How much is the security deposit?

​We require a security deposit of $150-$250 OPC. Your security deposit is fully refundable.

What fees/deposits are due upon apply? Moving in?

​A $50 application fee, for every person over 18, and a $150-$250 fully refundable security deposit is due when you apply. A $125 administration fee is due upon move-in. Your first month's rent will be pro-rated based on the days you will live in the apartment that month.

When is rent due?

​Rent is always due on the 1st day of the month.

Is there a late fee for overdue payments?

​Yes, after the 3rd there is a 10% late fee.

How can I pay my rent?

​We accept online payments. These payments will be made through your resident portal account. We also accept Moneygram.

Do I have to pay first and last month's rent?

​No, you will pay a pro-rated rental amount based on the days that you live in the apartment for that month.

How often is there a rent increase?

​Rent increases are implemented upon renewal of the lease, to keep up with market value. You will not be subject to a rent increase in the middle of your lease. 

Is renter's insurance required?

​Yes, we require our residents to have liability insurance with coverage of at least $100,000. It is the responsibility of the tenant to obtain and pay for renter's insurance. 

Are utilities included?

​We currently cover trash, we do not cover any other utilities or renter's insurance.

What are the occupancy limits?

​We limit occupancy to no more than 2 adults + 1 child (under the age of 2) per bedroom. 

Under what circumstance can Centennial Place terminate a lease?

​We only terminate a tenant for violations of the lease agreement, like refusal to pay rent. 

What happens if I need to move out before my lease expires?

​Tenants who wish to move out before their lease expiration will be subject to an early lease termination fee. 

What are the hours for the pool?

​The pool is open to our residents from 10am-10pm daily.

What are the hours for the fitness center?

​The fitness center is open to our residents from 10am-10pm daily.

What are the hours of the leasing office?

​Our leasing office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm, and Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Please feel free to stop by anytime during those hours.

What are the pool hours and seasonal availability?

​Our pool is open to our residents year-round, daily from 10am-10pm.

What property amenities are included?

​Our residents enjoy full access to our pool, laundry room, tennis court, and fitness center

Do you offer recycling?

​Yes! We offer and highly encourage the use of our recycling program.

How do I receive my packages?

​All packages are delivered to our leasing office. You can stop by Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm or on Saturdays from 10am-5pm to pick up your package.

I have a non-emergency maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

Please use our non-emergency office line at 512-443-4939

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

​In the event of a noise complaint, you will contact the police department first and the leasing center second. 

What is the smoking policy? Can I smoke in my apartment? Is there a designated smoking area?

​We do not allow smoking of any kind in the apartments. We do not offer a designated smoking area.

Do you allow pets? What is the pet policy?

​Yes! We allow 2 pets, with certain breed restrictions, up to 100 lb. weight limit.

What is the parking situation?

​A parking permit is required for resident use of our lot. Guests must park in visitor parking. Towing will be enforced in both lots.

Are there building quiet hours?

​City Ordinance enforces quiet hours from 10pm-7am.

Are there restrictions for what can be put on balconies or patios?

​Yes, only outdoor furniture and plants. Personal grills are not allowed, as they are a fire hazard per the Austin Fire Department.

What is the procedure for moving out?

​If a resident wishes to move out, we require a 60-day notice, removal of personal belongings, residents cleaning the apartment, turning in keys to the leasing center. 

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

Use our emergency maintenance line at 512-443-4939

Is there public transportation nearby?

​Yes. Austin is a large city with many options for public transport.

What school district serves the community?

​Our community is a part of the Austin Independant School District (AISD).

What kinds of washers and dryers do in-apartment hookups accommodate?

​Our apartments include full-size washers and dryers. 

Do apartments have dishwashers?

​Yes, each apartment is equipped with an electric dishwasher. 

Does the apartment come with a microwave?

Select apartments are equipped with a microwave.

Are stoves gas or electric?

​All of our apartments are equipped with an electric stove.

Do kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal?

​Yes, all of our kitchen sinks include a garbage disposal.